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Name tag etiquette: which side is yours on?

The Anatomy of a Well-designed Name Tag

A screenshot from “The Anatomy of a Well-designed Name Tag”

The blogosphere has spoken: the first rule of name tag etiquette is that these meeting essentials be easy to read. We’re not surprised: Nick Topitzes, CMP and CEO of pc/nametag®, emphasized name tag legibility in his 2005 book Meeting Registration A-L M-Z. (Read an excerpt from Nick’s book, “The Anatomy of a Well-designed Name Tag“)

Yet another bit of name tag etiquette was less obvious to bloggers who have posted on the subject. In fact, once such writer who goes by the pen name Proper Paige admitted that at an event a friend had to point out she was wearing her name tag improperly. Ms. Paige had attached her name tag on her left side, while etiquette indicates it should be worn on the right.

Several posts and at least one YouTube video point out why the right side is preferred: since you shake hands with your right one, the person you’re meeting is already focused on your right side. What’s more, in her video Syndi Seid says your name tag should be placed high on your right side, just below your shoulder, so people can quickly read it after making eye contact with you.

On the other hand, or shoulder, etiquette bloggers also suggest that handbags, briefcases or anything else with a carrying strap should be worn on the left shoulder so it doesn’t block your name tag.

In contrast to event name tags, Syndi Seid claims that etiquette calls for employee ID badges to be worn on the left. Then employees should wear their carrying straps on the right—right?

What do you think?

Do you agree that name tags and ID badges are worn on the opposite sides? If you have a comment on this or other points of name tag etiquette, please share it with our readers! Comment below, or visit us on the pc/nametag® Facebook page.

Custom Ribbons now ready in just 3 days!

The Faster The Better, Custom Ribbons from pc/nametag

One name tag ribbon that would be fitting for all meeting planners to wear is “The Faster The Better.” Since time is of the essence in our profession, at pc/nametag® we continually strive to reduce production times.

The latest example: our popular Custom stack-a-ribbon® awards will now be ready to ship in just 3 days. Specifically, if you order Custom Ribbons by 3:30pm CT, your ribbons will be ready to ship at the end of the following 3 working days. (Example: orders placed by 3:30pm CT on a Monday will be ready to ship at the end of Thursday). Please note: Large orders may require additional production time.

This accelerated service applies to 5 Custom stack-a-ribbon(R) sizes. We have a wide assortment of ribbon and foil colors so you can categorize attendees in many ways. From 1-3 lines of text to your company logo, send us the art you want on your ribbons.

You can also order Custom Ribbons online.

If you haven’t yet tried these Custom Ribbons that over 250 customers have rated so highly, now is a good, fast time to do so!

Just Out: Our Biggest Catalog Ever!

Sure, small can be beautiful. But for a selection of meeting supplies to cover everything  planners need, bigger is better. That’s why we’re so excited that the new pc/nametag® Fall 2013 Catalog is a whopping 116 pages! We’ve expanded our catalog to accommodate all the new products we added to our offering, including:

We’re mailing our Fall Catalog now so you can get a jump on the busy meeting season that’s fast approaching. (If you don’t receive our catalog already, please request one here.) As always, when you order from your fellow meeting planners at pc/nametag® we’ll help you make your meeting a big success!

What do you think of our new Catalog?

We always like to hear from our customers about our latest meeting-supply selection and suggestions for additional products. So please send us your feedback on our Fall Catalog. Comment below, or visit us on the pc/nametag® Facebook page.

Meeting Must-Haves: Plastic bags, cookies, comfy shoes & more.

Meeting Must Haves winner May 2013Before we announce the winners of our Meeting Must-Haves Contest, we want to thank everyone who entered. Sharing tricks of the trade is a great way for meeting planners to learn from each other, and we always encourage it, leave a comment here, post on the pc/nametag Facebook page, Tweet @pcnametag or Pin and tag pc/nametag on Pinterest.

Back to the task at hand, our winner is (cue the drum roll)—Catherine of Pennsylvania Presenters! She relies on practical items, like our OneWay® Name Tag Cases, a table cover and a well-stocked rolling office case. Plus, as “a bonus for attendees” she always packs a supply of cookies.
We raise a glass of milk to Catherine!

We’d also like to give honorable mention to:

Darren of the University of California, Irvine – “Name badges with schedules on the reverse side. A USB lanyard with all my documents, contracts, contact lists, schedules, vital correspondence, guest lists etc.” And, “Of course my comfy dress shoes.”

Kathryn of the American Bar Association – “We use small Rubbermaid® containers to hold our registration envelopes containing badges and ribbons and then keep them alphabetized for easy access.”

Joz of V3con Digital Media Conference Planning – “1) A phone list or “key people” tucked inside my namebadge; 2) Re-sealable plastic bags of various sizes for all kinds of uses, including holding your food aside for a later time; 3) Breath mints: hey, days are long and it’s always good to be fresh!”

All of these meeting planners will receive a 2-pack of our new OneWay™ Plus Name Tag Cases, which may very well become meeting must-haves for all of them!

Key Trends from IMEX 2013

Angie Brown, President of pc/nametag®, tells an IMEX attendee how the EZ™ Stuff Holder saves planners time and money.

Angie Brown, President of pc/nametag®, tells an IMEX attendee how the EZ™ Stuff Holder saves planners time and money.

IMEX 2013, held in Frankfurt, Germany, May 21-23, offered so much information and so many ideas that it takes a Web site to summarize them all. Here I’m simply presenting some trends I spotted at IMEX and showing how pc/nametag® is keeping abreast of them:

Continued interest in “green” products – A good example from pc/nametag is our TEMPbadge®, featuring two adhesive sides that fold together to form a durable name badge that does not need a holder. Here are more green options in holders.

Slightly smaller “business card size” name tag holders and inserts are also popular at international meetings. As well as A4 paper name tag insert sheets– Our 10cm x 7cm A4 Classic Paper Name Tag Insert stock loads easily into printers with an A4 setting.

Demand for products made in North America, which are priced advantageously in the European Union – All these popular supplies are made in the U. S. or NAFTA countries:
EZ Stuff™ Name Tag Holder, Meeting Power® Pro Lanyard, Dye-Sublimation Lanyard and Vertical Vinyl Registration Envelope.

Have you noticed any other trends at recent meeting-industry trade shows? If so, we’d love to hear from you and consider them for future posts!

We’re growing to serve you even better!

PC/NAMETAG Addition - Taking shape

Spring traditionally kicks off the construction season here in Wisconsin, and this year our own pc/nametag® building is in on the action. To keep pace with our growing business, we’re expanding our office space and warehouse by 3900 square feet each. The additions will allow us to have more people on hand to help you plan your meeting and to keep more products in stock so we can ship them to you fast.

As a growing business we’re also looking for people to fill some key positions at pc/nametag®. We currently have openings in Sales Management, B2B Sales, Product Development and Purchasing. To learn about these new opportunities and to apply for a position, visit our employment page. New PC/NAMETAG Addition

Name Tags Make Front-Page News!

Wall Street Journal Article BannerIn a recent edition of the Wall Street Journal, one of the front-page stories bore the headline “What’s In a Name Badge? Tag Snobs Glad You Asked.” Naturally, we were thrilled that our favorite meeting essential was in the spotlight, and then got even more excited to see that pc/nametag® owner & CEO Nick Topitzes was quoted in the story.

Commenting on the trends he’s noted since founding our company in 1985, Nick said that recently customers have been requesting larger badges that allow them to print logos and ads on the front and an agenda on the back. “People like that feeling of a big badge,” he was quoted as saying. “They feel like a rock star.”

Another popular practice noted in the Wall Street Journal is attaching a number of ribbons to a name tag. One professional speaker and author admitted to stacking so many ribbons that “I’m usually leaning towards one side as I’m walking down the hallway.”

Meeting planners should take special note of one point made in the article: “Some say that the quality of a badge often predicts, with incredible precision, the quality of an event.”

We were also glad to read that some people who attend meetings frequently like to collect them. One former event planner said he has a collection of almost 200 dating back to 1977.

Do you have a collection of name tags from past events? If so, please send us photos of it for possible posting on our blog.


What's your meeting must-havesWe all have them. Those secret, ingenious things that can get you through any meeting mishap. Your fellow meeting planners are eager to learn from your experience.

Share 3 or more tricks-of-the-trade (photos encouraged!) by May 31st, and you’ll be eligible to win a pair of our new OneWay® Plus Name Tag Cases. It’s never been easier to pack, ship and display your name tags.

There are lots of ways to join in the fun. Enter here, post your tips on the pc/nametag page on Facebook, or share them on Twitter and tag @pcnametag.

Contest Rules & Regulations


How to Enter the Contest

a. Pc/nametag “Meeting Must-Haves” (“Contest”) will begin on or around Noon CT on Friday, May 17, 2013 and will end on or around Midnight CT on Friday May 31, 2013 (“Contest Period”).

b. To participate in the Contest, you may enter via the following methods:

Submit an entry via the form here: Meeting Must Haves Form.

Post your 3 must-haves to the pc/nametag page on Facebook:

Post one or more tweets containing your must-haves and mention the @pcnametag username in your tweet

Eligibility Restrictions
The contest is open to all legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia who are 21 years of age or older and the age of majority in their place of residence and have a valid e-mail address. Void in where prohibited or restricted by law. Employees of pc/nametag, and the members of their immediate families (spouse and parents, children and siblings and their spouses) and individuals living in the same households of such employees are ineligible to enter or win. The contest is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

A national holiday – and a contest – celebrating name tags!

One very appropriate way to celebrate National Name Tag Day on March 7th is to wear a name tag. We’re fine with that: in fact, we’d be happy to supply as many as you want! But since that day is so significant for our company and our fellow meeting planners, we’ve come up with an additional, fun way to observe the Big Day.

We’re having a contest that gives you a chance to be witty and maybe put your mark on name tags proudly displayed around the world! Send us your idea for the next, must-have stack-a-ribbon® title.

Among the over 650 titles we already have are lots of smile raisers, like “I STOLE YOUR THUNDER,” “DETAIL DISORIENTED” and “MY RIBBON IS BETTER THAN YOURS.Maybe you’re thinking you could do better: go for it! We’d love to add your winning entry to our list. 

To enter our contest, send us a clever, attention-getting word or phrase (under 30 characters, with spaces) 
that complies with pc/nametag’s personalization standards.

The author of the best entry, as chosen by a panel of pc/nametag® staff, will win the Grand Prize of a 100-pack of stack-a-ribbon® awards featuring their winning title!

Entries must be submitted by March 15th. We will announce the winners and post contest entries on our Facebook page by March 30th.
Enter our Name Tag Day Contest

We look forward to reading your entries and hope you have a Happy Name Tag Day!

Meeting planner: 4th fastest-growing job in the U. S.!

In the current tough job market, it’s good to be in a profession that still offers opportunities. So here’s news that should make meeting planners happy that they planned their careers so well.

A recent article on the website listed “Meeting/Event Planner” as the fourth fastest-growing job in America, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). In fact, the BLS is predicting more than 31,000 new event planner positions will be created by 2020: a healthy increase of 43.7%.

According to the website’s article, only Home Care Aide, Biomedical Engineer and Physical Therapy Assistant are growing at a faster rate than Meeting/Event Planner. Note: these top three are all jobs related to health care, a field getting a boost from the aging population and their increasing demand for health services.

Meeting/Event Planner also appeared on another list, “8 Jobs You’ll Love That Pay $50,000 A Year.” The website suggested that you will enjoy being a planner “If you’re a creative, organized individual who is business-minded but who also wants to hone their inner Martha Stewart.” Whether or not you agree with that assessment, no seasoned meeting planner would argue with this caution about the job: “Just remember that as the event organizer, every little problem that arises is yours.” And that’s why meeting planners are indispensible!

What have you read or heard about the job prospects in the field of meeting planning? We’d like to know if other sources are as optimistic as Please share your information with us so we can include some of it in a future blog post.

A Plea For Better Presenters

Not everyone can make a good presentation at a meeting. Maybe the post-event evaluations of your own presenters have already convinced you of that. For further proof, consider “An Open Letter to Event Planners,” an article recently published on the website

Written by Michael Weiss, a self-described “presenter and professional speaker,” the article opens with a critique of the presenters he heard at a conference at which “many of the attendees were from the biggest consumer brands in the world.” His expectations of the speakers were high, but they fell far short of them. Reading slides verbatim, making statements sound like questions and using too many small-type bullet points per slide were among presenter missteps that prompted Weiss to turn his attention away from the speaker and to “Angry Birds Star Wars.”

Insisting it’s not hard “to qualify a good presenter,” Weiss proceeds to tell planners how:

• “Go see them speak!” – Ideally in person but at least in a video. You’ll see not only how they present but, more importantly, how the audience responds to them.
• If you can’t see them at least meet them – Determine if your would-be presenter is animated, passionate, able to tell a story, comfortable looking you in the eye and well dressed.
• At the very least, get “reviews” – “Find out where they last spoke and call your fellow event planners for a review.” Also, ask for their feedback forms.

Weiss concludes his letter with the good point that “because of TED and other super-smart conferences” that everyone can see online, “the audience’s expectations are higher than ever.”

Boxed copy

How do you select the presenters at your meetings? What tips do you have for finding dynamic, engaging speakers? Send us your ideas so we can post some—and help make attendees forget they even have cell phones during presentations!

Planners are “behind the life of a party”

Those of us in the business have long known that meeting and event planners are “behind the life of a party.” And now after reading that job description in a recent story in JSOnline, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s website, scores of people in all walks of life also know the key role planners play.

The article was a Q and A with Shaely Morgenroth, a program manager at Meetings & Incentives, a meeting management company in Caledonia, Wisconsin.

Morgenroth clearly has the gumption required of a good planner. When asked, “Have there been any strange requests you haven’t been able to meet?” she replied, “No, ” explaining that whatever is requested of her, she’ll “try to make it happen.” For example, when an attendee arrived at one of her events from Bogota, Columbia, to find that her luggage never left that city, Morgenroth helped her shop for clothes and track down her bags.

She also possesses the successful planner’s knack for surprising and entertaining attendees. While working at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, she arranged a company meeting at which the COO arrived on a motorcycle, dressed in full Harley gear, while fireworks went off overhead.

Articles like this one from JSOnline make readers aware of meeting planning as a career option and suggest how they can break into the field. For instance, Morgenroth suggested taking classes to find out what planning’s all about, landing an internship in the field and, for starters, “planning a party for one of your friends and seeing if it’s something you like.”

Have you read any good articles about meeting planning lately that would help readers learn more about our profession? Have you been featured in such a story or written one yourself? If so, please send us the links to the articles so we can share some of them in a future blog post.

pc/nametag® one of the “Best Companies To Work For”

We at pc/nametag® are proud to have been selected by In Business Magazine as one of “Greater Madison’s Best Companies To Work For.”

We’re especially pleased because the criteria used by the Madison, WI-based magazine was employee benefits, which have always been one of our top priorities.

“When evaluating employee recruitment and retention, there is no greater reflection of a company’s values than its employee benefits,” the article announcing the top companies stated. “So, for our inaugural list, we placed all of the emphasis on employee benefits. In other words, this recognition is not about fancy facilities or buddy-buddy management.”

Among the benefits that In Business evaluated were 401(k) plans and profit sharing, child care (flex time), paid time off provisions, life and disability insurance, transportation reimbursement and employee training and education.

One reason we provide good benefits, of course, is to attract the best people to work at pc/nametag®—people who will make it easier for our customers to plan their meetings. In other words, we always want to be a “best company” to order from, too!


Jobs with great benefits & more!
If you or someone you know would like to join one of the “Best Companies To Work For,” check out our current opportunities and generous benefits.
We’d love to hear from you!

What are meeting planners new year’s resolutions?

January 1st, 2012

What is your resolution for 2012?

For meeting planners, looking ahead and making to-do lists come with the territory. So we wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve made some professional resolutions for 2012.


Sue Pelletier, Web editor of MeetingsNet and editor of Medical Meetings magazine, has posted her meetings resolutions posted on her blog face2face. Among her resolutions, Pelletier plans to make meetings smaller, teach speakers to facilitate learning, engage attendees’ senses and find ways to include online audiences. The comments on her post also contain some helpful suggestions, like engaging attendees before your event through social media.


What do you plan on doing in the coming year to make your meetings more effective and enjoyable? We’re very eager to hear about your resolutions so we can share them with your fellow planners here on The Registration Line.

Calling all timesavers and suggesting one of our own.

Our OneWay® Small Meeting Name Tag Kit is a timesaver we always recommend

Our OneWay® Small Meeting Name Tag Kit is a timesaver we always recommend

Meeting planners, who have to work fast most of the time, really shift into overdrive during this busiest season of the year. Now that time is of the essence, any way of saving it helps.

One timesaver we always suggest to planners is our OneWay® Small Meeting Name Tag Kit. It contains everything you need to make name tags for 50 attendees: 50 vinyl name tag holders, 60 paper name tag inserts and our OneWay® name tag case. So you cover registration, storage and display all in just one click,
saving time when you order supplies. (And you can do all starting at just 52¢ per attendee.)

If you want to add lanyards to your name tags, we offer two other kit options: the OneWay® Small Meeting Name Tag Kit Plus, which includes a premium lanyard with a breakaway feature (from $1.02 per attendee), and the OneWay® Sporty® 2 Small Meeting Name Tag Kit with our no-spin Sporty® 2 necklace (from $1.36 per attendee.

But we know you have to do a lot more than assemble name tags during this crunch time. So we™d like to know how you have learned to save time on meeting-planning tasks to get them all done. Please tell us and your fellow planners what tips you have for speeding up any or all of these to-dos: assembling name tags, organizing your registration table, registering attendees, categorizing attendees, unifying the graphics on all registration materials, printing materials on-site and getting supplies delivered to your event.

We look forward to receiving your responses and posting some of them here on our blog!

A meeting is the one occasion when people really want to be labeled.

A meeting is one occasion when people want to be labeled

A meeting is one occasion when people want to be labeled

Labeling, better known as classifying or categorizing, is a good thing for attendees because it helps them quickly connect with each other and get right down to their common business interests. In other words, categorizing is key to the main purpose of a meeting and to making it a success.

For example, when an attendee wearing a name tag with a Buyer ribbon meets another one with a name tag indicating Exhibitor, the buyer can start a conversation by simply asking, What do you sell?

Because we know how important this kind of speedy networking is, pc/nametag® offers many good options for designating who’s who at an event. You’ll find name tag holders and inserts with title and color bars. Our exclusive stack-a-ribbon® awards with over 650 titles. And for grouping attendees by color: necklaces like the Sporty® Name Tag Necklace and the Budget 2 Name Tag Necklace, and for upscale events, pouches like the Quick Pick Name Tag Pouch and the Mighty2 Pouch.

Also on our website is our exclusive video about classifying attendees featuring our sales representative and former meeting planner Jeanne, who says that how to categorize is the question that customers ask her most frequently.

We hardly claim to know everything about categorizing. Since there are so many options for doing it and so much interest in the topic, we’d love to know how you classify attendees. What have you found that works, and what have you tried that doesn’t? Have you received any feedback from attendees on what they like best?

Registration is the mother of invention at pc/nametag®.

While attending countless meetings over the years, I couldn’t help noticing a big need for better registration products. And since necessity is the mother of invention, pc/nametag® has developed a host of exclusive products that make registration easier.

There are numerous procedures to go through at the registration table, so we’ve focused groups of products on simplifying the key ones. Just getting large quantities of registration items to a meeting is a challenge. So just for this purpose we’ve developed our own: OneWay® Name Tag Case, Redi-Reg Deluxe Badge Case (for name tags and pouches up to 6′ tall), the Big Show Rolling Badge Case (wheeled luggage that transports up to four OneWay® cases) and the Badge Org System Binder for magnetic badges.

The OneWay® Name Tag Case and the Redi-Reg Deluxe Badge Case serve the additional function of displaying name badges on your registration table, and clearly alphabetize them when you add our laminated Alpha Tags. Other attractive display items include our Rotating Stand for lanyards and pouches, Slip-in Sign Holder and natural Wooden Name Tag Organizers.

When you have to make to name tags right on the spot, our new Datamax® On-Site Printer produces 4 x 3 name tags that look anything but last minute. Then you can save time by placing them in our pre-assembled Pret-a-Sporty® Name Tag Necklace/Holder Combo, classify attendees with our stack-a-ribbon® awards and make sure our lanyards fit attendees of all heights with our new Lanyard Length Adjuster.

In addition to all these exclusive registration products, we’ve also created our own Transportation and Organization videos to show the best ways of using them.

Keep your registration table organized with exclusive products

Keep your registration table organized with exclusive products

Open up a whole new world of possibilities, any old time you want to.

Click on this button to Start Customizing

Click on this button to Start Customizing

If you’ve done any shopping online, you know how convenient it is to go to a website on your own schedule. Now pc/nametag® is further utilizing the power of the Internet to give you 24/7 access to a tool for customizing your imprint on over 500 items.

The real beauty of our Customizer is that it gives you so many options for your imprint and text yet is so easy to use. Just upload your logo and then play with the possibilities! You can quickly change the colors and other features of your imprinted item and immediately see each variation. Be as particular as want because it doesn’t take long at all to make your item look just right.

Even if you haven’t worked with an online tool like the Customizer before, don’t worry about making a mistake or spoiling your order. We examine every custom order very carefully and will contact you if we have any concerns about producing your item exactly as you’ve indicated.

Besides its creative features, the Customizer also has budgeting benefits. Whenever you add an option you see the cost of it in real time.

Once you’re completely satisfied with your custom design, it can serve as an online sample that you can show your boss for approval right away. But remember what hour of the day it is: unlike the Customizer, your boss may not want to be available 24/7. CLICK HERE to visit today and Start Customizing!

So much time saved, so little cost.

Instant Inserts - As low as 35¢ each!

Introducing Instant Inserts – Let us do the printing, personalizing and sorting.

We have a new service at pc/nametag® that offers meeting planners obvious benefits for a very affordable cost. Basically, it’s a time-saver that even saves you the time of doing a cost-benefit analysis.

Instant Inserts takes care of key tasks you have to do for every meeting: we print, personalize and alphabetize your name tag inserts. The printing immediately shows you what a great value this service is. Instead of four-color process imprinting, we use cost-saving, full-color digital imprinting to reproduce any custom design you send us.

As demonstrated in our video, you simply upload your logo and attendee list. We deliver trimmed, 4″ x 3″ paper name tag inserts with professional-looking logos and attendee names all for just 35¢ per insert with a set-up fee of only $40. And the minimum is just 24 inserts.

Check out all our New Products for 2011!

Check out all our New Products for 2011!

Instant Inserts is just one of many new products and services at pc/nametag® this season. From our Datamax on-site printer that produces high-quality, 4″ x 3″ inserts to a protective case designed especially for magnetic name badges to a very practical lanyard-length adjuster, you’ll find hundreds of new ways to make your job easier on our website and in our new catalog.

And in the new star feature on our website pages, we invite you to rate and review our products so we can make sure each one delivers an obvious value to you.

Innovations: from high tech to low profile.

New E-Tech Padfolio fits e-readers and tablets with ease

New E-Tech Padfolio fits e-readers and tablets with ease

As in so many other industries, innovative technology has had a significant effect on meetings and events. And we’re pleased to introduce “next generation” meeting supplies that will appeal to attendees at your next event.

Like the cell phone about 10 years ago, e-readers and tablets are becoming must-haves companions for increasingly more and more meeting attendees. Recently Corbin Ball, a meeting-technology consultant, wrote on his TechTalk blog that this trend will continue, as new mobile applications are developed for agenda management, registration, attendee poling and more.

At pc/nametag® we’ve introduced a new padfolio for carrying and protecting these valuable devices. Our E-Tech Padfolio features a section with adjustable Velcro® corners to fit e-readers of varying sizes. The E-Tech closes up securely with a full zipper, too.

New Power Play Necklace is a sleek alternative to elastic

New Power Play Necklace is a sleek alternative to elastic

We’ve also added some fresh new updates of longtime meeting basics. The sleek, rubbery Power Play Necklace is a contemporary, minimalist alternative. It looks chic, feels comfortable and even has the popular breakaway feature for quick release.

Like the Power Play Necklace, the new Executive Track Badge has a sophisticated low profile. It’s made with a patented double magnet that prevents twisting, so text on the badge is always aligned for easy reading.

Meetings are so multifaceted that we’re continually finding ways to improve them with innovations that could make your next event your best one yet.

"Welcome to the Registration Line, a blog for meeting planners that's packed full of details and tips on how to run a successful and professional registration. Over the years, we've planned hundreds of meetings and have attended hundreds more. We learn something new each time. On this blog, we'll share what we've learned. Visit often. Add your comments and join the conversation."

- Nick Topitzes,

- Angie Brown,
President, PC/NAMETAG.