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Topic: Event Marketing

Technology Event Marketing Engagement

5 Steps to a Successful Online Event: Ask the Expert
By Meaghan Kelly on November 18, 2020

Reader’s Note: The following guest post is provided by Scott Davis, Account Executive with Mediasite Events in Madison, Wisconsin. As a Mediasite Events expert, Scott provides knowledge...

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Sustainability Event Marketing

Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Name Tag Inserts For Event Attendees
By Meaghan Kelly on November 2, 2020

Inserts put the "name" in name tags — literally. Name tags are one of the best ways to help  identify attendees and provide other important information such as titles and organizations. ...

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Industry Trends Event Marketing

The Guide to Securing Virtual Event Sponsorship and Donors
By Meaghan Kelly on August 26, 2020

Virtual events have exploded in popularity and can be an engaging, cost-effective alternative to in-person events. However, virtual events can still be expensive to produce, especially...

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