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Creative Badge Ribbon Ideas for Events and Conventions

By Meaghan Maybee on August 16, 2023

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Meaghan Maybee
Meaghan Maybee

As pc/nametag's in-house Word Wizard, Meaghan creates educational content that brings people together and drives meaningful conversations in the events industry.

Everybody loves conference badge ribbons! Badge ribbons are a cost-effective tool for breaking the ice, starting conversations, adding identifiers, and sharing useful information with other people. Plus, we think they’re a lot of fun to wear. Read on to find our list of badge ribbon ideas you can use to create a more unique and exciting social gathering.

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Find insight on how to make convention ribbons here.

What are badge ribbons?

Badge ribbons (also known as name tag ribbons and convention ribbons) are fully customizable accessories that attach to the bottom or sides of event badges. Event attendees can attach a single ribbon to their badges or wear multiple ribbons by stacking one on top of another.

Convention ribbons stay in place thanks to a handy strip of adhesive on the back side of each ribbon. They also come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, foils, fonts, and titles. pc/nametag, for instance, offers 41 ribbon colors and 16 foil colors so you'll always find that perfect design combo!

  • Did you know? Badge ribbons are made from acetate satin, which is a fancy word for wood pulp material. That means that ribbons are the perfect, guilt-free purchase for eco-friendly conference planners looking to decrease event waste. In fact, most ribbons completely biodegrade in two years or less when placed in a commercial landfill. 🍃

custom badge ribbons for meetings and events by pc/nametag

Conference Badge Ribbon Styles

Which badge ribbon is right for you? Whether you're planning a corporate event or attending a convention, there's a ribbon to fit every size, look, and style of event badge. Explore the different name tag ribbon styles below, including horizontal ribbons, vertical ribbons, and full-color imprinted ribbons.

custom stackable badge ribbons by pcnametag webp

The Stack-a-ribbon®

  • A pc/nametag patented design
  • A top option for events and conventions
  • Bright, highly customizable design options
  • A customer favorite for decades!
flag a ribbon badge ribbons by pcnametag webp

The Flag-a-ribbon

  • A small, yet eye-catching ribbon
  • Perfect for displaying department distinctions
  • Print short phrases like "ASK ME" or "STAFF"
  • Make your company logo pop!
full color custom badge ribbons by pcnametag webp

Full-color Conference Ribbons

  • Digital-direct imprinting with unlimited colors
  • Can feature color fades and full bleeds
  • Great for retail events and promotions
  • Perfect addition to a permanent badge

Not sure what to print on your badge ribbons? Explore ideas for badge ribbon titles from pc/nametag, including in-stock badge ribbons that are ready to ship today to custom badge ribbons that can feature any art, logo, or theme imaginable. 

Convention Badge Ribbon Ideas

1. Host an icebreaker activity people will rave about.

Attending a conference or event can be nerve-wracking, especially for introverts and first-time attendees. Use simple activities to help folks get to know one another on a more personal level. Badge ribbons are a great way to help people show off their unique personalities while also easing first-day jitters. Sharing is caring when it comes to badge ribbons! Use them to create a welcoming experience.

2. Make convention ribbons that celebrate your theme.

Every industry has its own lingo, so why not capture these unique words and expressions on badge ribbons? Capture common or humorous catchphrases on a wearable accessory to help attendees more personally identify with your event. Create your own custom badge ribbon by selecting your size, color, title, and/or artwork.

3. Incorporate ribbons into event programming.

People love every chance they can get to have fun and celebrate their achievements, so why not host an award ceremony, recognition event, or gathering at your meeting? After highlighting the meaningful ways award recipients have made a difference, award them with a customized gift and a bright badge ribbon that announces their achievement.

4. Add value to your event sponsorship packages with ribbons.

Event sponsorships are an instrumental part of offsetting costs, expanding event attendance, and promoting an event’s mission and values. Give out “Sponsor” ribbons to help increase the value of a sponsorship’s brand reach. You can even buy different colors to denote different levels of giving (I.e., silver, gold, platinum, etc.)

5. Reward volunteers at your non-profit event or fundraiser.

Non-profit meeting planners understand the value of stretching donor dollars as far as possible. Badge ribbons are an affordable way to add customization to your event without going in the red. Spread awareness, recognize volunteers, and thank donors with non-profit-themed ribbons that feature your organization’s mantra, mission, or vision.

6. Use badge ribbons to add a layer of event security.

Event safety and security will always be of high importance to meeting planners. Badge ribbons are a smart way to reinforce safety at your event and grant special admittance to certain attendees. For instance, have security personnel look for people wearing a “VIP” or “Sponsor” ribbon before they grant access to your event’s VIP lounge.

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How to Make Convention Ribbons

You can learn a lot about a person just by looking at their ribbon stack. That’s why we think badge ribbons are one of the most fun and inclusive ways to spark conversations and leave lasting impressions on people at your event.

If you’re an event planner, conference manager, or convention enthusiast, you've come to the right place. Here are three methods for getting convention ribbons for your next event:

Don’t forget to sort, organize, and display your ribbons. We suggest the rotating tabletop badge ribbon wall and badge ribbon organizer tray for smaller meetings, and rotating floor ribbon wall for larger events.

Take the Quiz! Which ribbon suits you?

Are you a proud fur mama, a daring troublemaker, or a rise-and-grind workaholic? Take the quiz to find out which badge ribbon you should wear at your next big event that truly defines your personality! Your end result will be one of our pc/nametag badge ribbons we think fits you best!

take pc/nametag's badge ribbon quiz to find out which ribbon best suits you

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