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Must-have Green Event Supplies to Reduce Meeting Waste

By Meaghan Maybee on April 7, 2023

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Meaghan Maybee
Meaghan Maybee

As pc/nametag's in-house Word Wizard, Meaghan creates educational content that brings people together and drives meaningful conversations in the events industry.

Events: We love them! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of scoring frontstage passes to a concert, learning a new skill at a seminar, making new friends at an expo, or celebrating each other’s achievements at an award ceremony. Sounds fun, right?  

Yet, the truth is that these same events contribute to a massive amount of waste and carbon emissions each year. There's never been a better time to educate ourselves and rethink how to make events more sustainable.

This week, I made a list of my favorite sustainable event products that I believe every event planning team should use to reduce their environmental impact. Taking little steps like choosing to “go green” at events can make the dramatic difference we need in the amount of waste our industry creates each year.

Eco-friendly Event Registration Supplies to Consider

The event registration process is everything. At this stage, people are still deciding whether your event is worth their time and attendance. They’re also exploring your event website and social media pages to see what your event is all about. What does your event aim to accomplish? What will attendees get out of the experience?

To get people on board, you’ll need to know your audience. For example, most millennials (53%) say they will forgo a brand if they have the option to invest in a more sustainable option. The same holds true for events; you may find that hosting a sustainable event is your “secret sauce” for getting more people in the door. Read on to find a list of must-have registration supplies you'll need.


1. Sustainable Event Badges

Did you know that burning plastic uses twice as much energy as it takes to recycle it? That’s why investing in recyclable event passes is a win-win for event planners. Just because you opt for an eco-friendly badge does not mean you need to sacrifice looks, quality, or durability. You can have it all (and decrease unnecessary waste in the process).


Top Eco-friendly Event Badges to Consider:

the eco on-site event badge by pcnametag Eco On-Site Plastic Event Pass: This 14-mil, on-site event pass gives your team to flexibility to produce name tags in advance or on demand. Just print and insert your name tag into the front pocket of the badge for a polished look. This pass is recyclable post-event. The plastic is PETE #1 recyclable, water-resistant, tear-resistant, and stain-resistant
the eco event badge by pcnametag Eco Event Badge: This durable, 20-mil badge is constructed of biodegradable elements. This means that 100% of the badge will biodegrade into earth-friendly material within 5 years of disposal. It is also the same cost as our premier gloss badge with the added benefit of sustainability.
the recyclable eco paper pass by pcnametag Recyclable Eco Paper Pass: This non-laminated, 14-mil event pass is made with 100% recyclable paper backed by the Forest Stewardship Council. It's also 80% sturdier than coated papers, making it last through a full day of activities. 

It’s entirely possible to recycle conference badges and keep 100% of them out of the landfill. Opt for a badge option that is recyclable or biodegradable when possible.

read through pc/nametag's sustainable event supplies look book


2. Eco-friendly Neck Wallets

Stylish yet functional, neck wallets are a great way to add an element of sophistication to any event. Most neck wallets provide ample branding space, especially those with optional imprinting. We also love that they keep attendees' hands free, easily showcase event information and agendas, and hold smaller items like raffle tickets, hotel key cards, business cards, pens, and similar items.

We recommend the Eco Neck Wallet, an eco-friendly neck wallet crafted from recycled plastic bottles. These trendy badges come in black and feature optional imprinting to give your brand a visibility boost!  We also love that the entire product will biodegrade into earth-friendly material within 60 years.

shop the eco neck wallet, a pc/nametag exclusive product made from recycled plastic bottles


3. Upcycled and Organic Cotton Lanyards

Organic cotton is one of the most sustainable fabrics we can use in the events industry, in part because it starts to decompose in a matter of weeks when composted. I’ve found that event attendees love organic cotton lanyards because they’re durable, soft, and comfortable to wear all day. You’ll also love that this lanyard option is customizable to your brand and isn’t treated with harsh chemicals.

Keep it simple with a one-color imprint cotton lanyard, or go for an upscale look with a no-twist Bevl™ organic cotton lanyard. Or, if you’re looking for bold, bright print, a recycled lanyard is the way to go. Believe it or not, these are made from 100% recycled soda bottles. This is a great story to tell when creating your event’s brand story and leaving a lasting impression on your attendees.


Top Eco-friendly Lanyards to Consider:

pcnametag recycled lanyard Recycled Lanyard: Get bold, eye-catching imprints in this sustainable lanyard make from recycled soda bottles. Each lanyard saves 20 plastic bottles from the landfill. Choose from a variety of attachment types.
pcnametag premium cotton lanyard Premium Cotton Lanyard: The premium cotton lanyard is made from 100% biodegradable cotton fabric and is a great option for anyone looking for an eco-friendly option that lessens the environmental impact. 
pcnametag eco pillar bamboo lanyard Eco Pillar™ Bamboo Lanyard: This incredibly soft lanyard is constructed from biodegradable bamboo fabric. It also features a plant-based plastic clip making it the go-to choice for a sustainable lanyard.
pcnametag eco pillar vivid lanyard Eco Pillar™ Vivid Lanyard: Upcycled and biodegradable, this lanyard is made with 23 reclaimed plastic soda bottles. The recycled material is soft to the touch and delivers crisp, full-color imprints.


4. Biodegradable Badge Ribbons

Badge ribbons (also known as name tag ribbons and convention ribbons) are fully customizable accessories that attach to the bottom or sides of event badges. Event attendees can attach a single ribbon to their badges or wear multiple ribbons by stacking one on top of another.

Did you know that badge ribbons are made from acetate satin, which is a fancy word for wood pulp material? That means that badge ribbons are the perfect, guilt-free purchase for eco-friendly conference planners looking to decrease event waste. In fact, most ribbons completely biodegrade in two years or less when placed in a commercial landfill. 🍃

Give attendees the ability to personalize their meeting experience! Add a pop of color and personality to your event by offering customized badge ribbons they can adhere to their badge. A pre-made Ribbon Fun Pack is a great starting point, or create your own wording on a custom ribbon.

create custom badge ribbons for your event with pc/nametag


5. Recyclable Name Tag Organizers

Waiting in a long registration line can be a bummer, especially when attendees are eager to get checked in and start interacting. One tip for making the registration process more enjoyable is to use a badge organizer, like the OneWay Stack™ Name Tag Organizer.

This product is recyclable, made from recycled materials, and turns the registration process into something guests can enjoy. Try spreading out registration lines among multiple tables to keep lines short. Use the name tag organizer to keep badges separated by last name.

Want to save time? Work with a name tag supplier like pc/nametag who can perform the alphabetization process for you ahead of time. You deserve to have a stress-free opening day at your event!



Discover the tag/back badge holder recycling program.

Did you know that you can partner with pc/nametag to recycle badge holders, from vinyl to PVC, at your next event? We've made it our mission to empower every planner to create eco-friendly events that are fun, fulfilling, and low-waste. That's why we started the tag/back holder recycling program.

Simply send us your empty holders in the labeled shipping box, and we’ll ensure they’re properly recycled. The best part is we can recycle any pc/nametag holder, no matter the attachment. Just remove lanyards and inserts, and ship them back in one of our brown labeled shipping boxes. 

Use pc/nametag's tag/back holder recycling program to recycle badge holders post-use


Hungry for more eco-friendly event advice? Use these event planning resources to hit the ground running:

  • Read my blog “Sustainable Events: 10 Strategies for Eco-friendly Conference Planning where I’ve written a run-down on the best sustainable event strategies you can start using right away. You might also enjoy my expert round-up on sustainability ideas to help your organization go green.

  • Explore pc/nametag’s Sustainable Event Supplies. As the industry’s go-to provider for all things event supplies, we’ll guide you through the essentials you’ll need to host a green event you can be proud of.

  • Download my ebook on “How to Host a Sustainable Event.” Inside, you’ll find tips and tricks geared specifically toward event planners. You’ll learn how to reduce usage, make fewer unnecessary purchases and create less waste, the easy way.

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