So much time saved, so little cost.

So much time saved, so little cost.

Instant Inserts - As low as 35¢ each!

Introducing Instant Inserts – Let us do the printing, personalizing and sorting.

We have a new service at pc/nametag® that offers meeting planners obvious benefits for a very affordable cost. Basically, it’s a time-saver that even saves you the time of doing a cost-benefit analysis.

Instant Inserts takes care of key tasks you have to do for every meeting: we print, personalize and alphabetize your name tag inserts. The printing immediately shows you what a great value this service is. Instead of four-color process imprinting, we use cost-saving, full-color digital imprinting to reproduce any custom design you send us.

As demonstrated in our video, you simply upload your logo and attendee list. We deliver trimmed, 4″ x 3″ paper name tag inserts with professional-looking logos and attendee names all for just 35¢ per insert with a set-up fee of only $40. And the minimum is just 24 inserts.

Check out all our New Products for 2011!

Check out all our New Products for 2011!

Instant Inserts is just one of many new products and services at pc/nametag® this season. From our Datamax on-site printer that produces high-quality, 4″ x 3″ inserts to a protective case designed especially for magnetic name badges to a very practical lanyard-length adjuster, you’ll find hundreds of new ways to make your job easier on our website and in our new catalog.

And in the new star feature on our website pages, we invite you to rate and review our products so we can make sure each one delivers an obvious value to you.

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