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Experiential Engagement

5 Easy Event Engagement Tactics Your Attendees Will Love

By Meaghan Maybee on May 8, 2024

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Meaghan Maybee
Meaghan Maybee

As pc/nametag's in-house Word Wizard, Meaghan creates educational content that brings people together and drives meaningful conversations in the events industry.

As an event planner, you know that planning engaging events isn’t just about logistics; it's also about creating an unforgettable experience that leaves attendees raving long after the experience is over.

Whether you're organizing a conference, convention, trade show, or networking event, great attendee engagement is key to your success.

In this blog, we're diving into five simple yet effective tactics you can add to your event engagement strategy. From turning event badges into interactive bingo cards to surprising attendees with freebies they'll love, we've got you covered.

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Event Engagement Ideas for Planners

1. Turn event badges into bingo cards or punch cards.

As an event professional, you’re already a pro at making sure event badges stand out and make an impression. But what if you took your name tags a step further and transformed them into an interactive activity like a bingo card or a punch card?

Add an element of fun and engagement to the event experience by challenging attendees to fill out their bingo cards by completing various activities, attending specific sessions, or interacting with sponsors and exhibitors. This encourages exploration of the event venue and supports event networking among attendees.

custom bingo card by pcnametag

Add variable data to event badges through pc/nametag at no extra charge.


Similarly, converting badges into punch cards rewards attendees for their engagement throughout the event. Each interaction, session attended, or task completed earns them a punch or stamp on their badge, incentivizing higher participation and interaction.

These event badge ideas will make your conference more memorable, give attendees a fun activity to look forward to, and won’t break the bank — especially if you’re looking for a cost-effective experiential event activity.


Don't Miss These Tag Tips:

  • 🔥 Get variable data added to your badges for no extra charge! The pc/nametag logistics team can help organize and print unique bar codes, QR codes, attendee headshots, and (you guessed it) custom gamification features like bingo cards, punch cards, and snap-off tickets on badges.
  • 💸 Event Sponsorship Tip: Sell spaces on your bingo cards or punch cards to your sponsors for extra recognition or as part of a sponsorship package.
  • 💻 Virtual Event Engagement Idea: Wondering how to make virtual events more engaging? Gamify your next virtual event by sending customized playing cards to attendees by mail. Send the game along with small gifts in a branded envelope or gift box.

Transform event badges into punch cards with pcnametag

Have a custom badge idea? pc/nametag can make it happen. Let's chat!


2. Let attendees share their passions on their badges.

Incorporating a space on event badges for attendees to showcase their passions or interests is a simple yet highly effective tactic for enhancing audience engagement. By inviting attendees to write a hobby, interest, or fun fact on their badge, you'll empower them to kickstart conversations and form connections based on shared interests.

Whether it's a love for hiking, a passion for cooking, or an interest in a particular TV show, this fun personal touch is an easy way to transform static name tags into playful conversation starters. Your conference attendees will be more likely to approach one another and strike up conversations when they have common ground to connect on — potentially leading to higher attendee satisfaction rates.

This small addition to badges can have a big impact on building a sense of community and camaraderie among attendees, making the event experience richer and more fulfilling for everyone involved.


Tips and Tools for Event Planners:

  • 💡 Employee Engagement Idea: Feature write-on event badges at one of your organization’s employee engagement events! Invite team members to write a hobby or personal interest on their event name tag.
  • 🎨 Free Name Tag Templates: Click here for free name tag templates from pc/nametag.
  • ✔️ Custom Event Badge Highlight: pc/nametag’s customizable adhesive name tags are perfect for writing on! The “satin stickies” below feature vivid, eye-catching colors that make a statement. The self-adhesive satin cloth also sticks to all kinds of fabric, is resistant to moisture, and can include space for handwritten names or hobby highlights.
shop full color satin sticky adhesive name tags by pc/nametag Satin Sticky Adhesive Name Tags by pc/nametag

Explore pc/nametag's line-up of customizable Satin Sticky name tags, available in multiple shapes.


3. Host a badge ribbon scavenger hunt at the event venue.

Hosting a badge ribbon scavenger hunt is a fun and cost-effective way to boost event engagement. 🗺️ Custom badge ribbons cost pennies a piece yet make great souvenirs for people who keep their badges long after the conference is over. To host a badge ribbon scavenger hunt, follow these steps:

  • Design a list of clues or tasks that attendees must complete to find hidden containers (i.e. boxes or envelopes) of badge ribbons around your venue.
  • Create a system for attendees to collect badge ribbons as they solve each clue or complete each task. This could involve setting up stations run by volunteers where participants can check in and receive their ribbons.
  • Consider offering incentives or prizes for those who collect the most ribbons or complete the hunt in the shortest time. Create a leaderboard to encourage competition among attendees or between groups.
  • Promote the scavenger hunt beforehand to generate interest and ensure a good turnout on the day of the event. Mention the activity within your event email marketing campaign, in event social media posts, or on signage at the event venue. (Pssst...Make sure to check out our blog filled with event promotion ideas)!

Depending on your attendee participation goals, you can do different variations of badge ribbon activities. For instance, try hosting an industry-related trivia game where attendees win an exclusive badge ribbon for their name tag. This is a great way to award attendees as you build brand awareness.

create custom badge ribbons for your event with pc/nametag


4. Offer “flair” for badges, name tags, and lanyards.

According to Megan Herfel, one of our fabulous Senior Account Managers at pc/nametag, one of the hottest event trends this year is allowing attendees to add "flair" accessories to their badges and lanyards. Examples of flair include custom buttons, industry pins, stickers, badge ribbons, and more.

Megan says in her experience, these small yet impactful accessories are great conversation starters that reflect attendees’ passions and preferences. Here are a few ideas from Megan on how to leverage flair at your next event:

  • Host a networking icebreaker activity. Utilize custom badge ribbons with witty or conversation-starting phrases to facilitate networking interactions. For example, ribbons that say "Ask me about..." followed by a unique interest or expertise.
  • Highlight your event theme. Incorporate themed buttons or stickers related to your event's theme or industry. For instance, at a tech conference, attendees could wear buttons with coding symbols or laptop stickers showcasing tech companies.
  • Show your support for a non-profit organization. Provide attendees with pins or ribbons representing charitable causes or social movements supported by the event. This allows participants to express their values, show solidarity, and take home a fun keepsake.
  • Host a flair scavenger hunt. Create a scavenger hunt or challenge where attendees collect different flair items throughout the event. For example, they could earn a unique sticker for attending the keynote session, or a lanyard pin for visiting specific exhibitors.
  • Create a flair bar for attendees to visit. Offer attendees the opportunity to personalize their badges with stickers, pins, or buttons at event registration. You can also feature a badge ribbon wall filled with fun, custom badge ribbons to attach to convention badges.

No matter how you offer “flair” at your event, your guests will love having a sense of individuality and community while they network, connect, and participate in event programming.

Convention attendee wears a badge with many badge ribbons


5. Give out a “freebie” at event registration.

Everyone loves freebies and giveaways! Boost event ticket sales, encourage conference registrations, and show your appreciation to attendees with a complimentary surprise.

Unexpected gestures demonstrate appreciation for attendees' presence but also add an interactive element to your experiential event. Get creative with the surprise perks you offer! Here are a few of our favorite conference event freebie ideas:

  • Free Meal Ticket: Take care of breakfast, lunch, or dinner to keep attendees at the venue longer.
  • Free Drink Ticket: Give attendees a refreshment ticket to be used at the conference's Happy Hour.
  • Free Raffle Ticket: Use variable data to match an attendee’s entry with the winning raffle ticket.
  • Free Event Admission: Give attendees a free pass to an after-hours event to keep the fun going.
  • Free Activity Participation: Control participation in on-site event activities and gatherings.

So, where do I start? At pc/nametag, we recommend the Snap Pass Premier Event Badge for freebies. This event badge is fully equipped with a customizable, snap-off accessory that’s perfect for use as a customized freebie. For a more cost-effective option, try customizing vinyl wristbands with tabs.

The Snap Pass by pcnametag

Transform the snap-off portion of the Snap Pass into a free drink ticket or raffle ticket.


Event Engagement Ideas from RSVPify

Hey, meeting planners! Want even more tips on how to measure and improve event engagement? Whether you’re looking for conference planning strategies or community engagement event ideas, you won’t want to miss this article from our friends at RSVPify.

Adam Hausman covers five ways to measure and improve event engagement from RSVPify’s event software perspective. Read Adam’s article, which covers everything from implementing QR codes to adding custom questions to your registration form.

TELL US: 📣 What strategies have you used at your past conferences and events to improve attendee engagement and satisfaction? Leave a comment below to let Adam and me know. 

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