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30+ Event Planning Blogs, Podcasts and Influencers to Bookmark

By Meaghan Maybee on February 14, 2023

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Meaghan Maybee
Meaghan Maybee

As pc/nametag's in-house Word Wizard, Meaghan creates educational content that brings people together and drives meaningful conversations in the events industry.

If you’re like most event professionals, you love learning. You are thrilled to figure out what works and what doesn’t at events. You’re constantly on the lookout for top trends, new strategies, exciting event technology, and inspirational ideas to make the attendee experience a big success. And most of all, you use the power of learning to stay competitive in a fast-paced field that changes every day.

Life-long learning is an essential part of becoming a successful event professional. Whether you’re a doer, a dreamer, a creator, or a tinkerer, kickstart your professional development journey with this list of our favorite event planning blogs, podcasts, influencers, ebooks, and more.

Table of Contents

Professional Development Resources for Event Planners

Best Event Planner Blogs to Read

Do you describe yourself as a reading enthusiast? If so, add an event manager blog (or several) to your weekly reading routine! 📚 Not only are blogs a great addition to any professional development plan, but they also expose event professionals to top ideas, tips, and strategies from industry thought leaders. Not sure where to start? The best event management resources and blogs include the following:

1. BizBash Blog

BizBash is one of the most robust event planning resources for learning about event production, catering, event technology, venues and destinations, and trade show best practices.

BizBash Blog home page

2. Cvent Blog

Cvent’s articles are perfect for event professionals and hospitality professionals alike. Learn from leading event experts on how to use technology to elevate the attendee experience.

Cvent Blog home page

3. Endless Events Blog

The Endless Events blog is an event management resource for event planners interested in learning about hybrid event production, event marketing, audience engagement, and more.

Endless Events Blog home page

4. Event Industry News Blog

Read insightful ideas, predictions, and opinions from a diverse set of industry thought leaders, all in one place. There is something for every event professional here.

Event Industry News blog home page

5. Event Manager Blog

Want to plan awesome events and boost your event planner career? Read hundreds of articles by EventMB on event technology, hybrid events, diversity and inclusion, and more.

Event Manager Blog home page

6. Eventbrite Blog

Get all the latest trends in the live events space in one spot! This event management blog provides key insights on event marketing, sponsorships, data tracking, and inspirational event ideas.

eventbrite Blog home page

7. Eventtia Blog

This events blog is your go-to resource for industry tools and tactics. Learn about hybrid event production, event branding, attendee networking, event data collection, and budgeting.

Eventtia blog home page

8. face2face Blog by MeetingsNet

Browse an eclectic mix of news about corporate meetings and events, hospitality, and business travel. You’ll also find sponsored content from industry thought leaders.

MeetingsNet Blog home page

9. Smart Meetings Blog

Learn corporate event planning tips from a leading publisher in the industry! Find the latest news, strategy tips, sourcing information, and more in this monthly publication of meeting planning resources.

Smart Meetings blog home page

10. Successful Meetings Blog

Want a website full of easy-to-read event industry blogs? You will love these meeting management articles on event networking, sponsorship opportunities, risk management, and more.

Successful Meetings blog home page

11. Tag Talk Blog

pc/nametag (that’s us!) has everything you need to level up your events career. Learn about event planning certifications, professional development strategies, and just-for-fun event ideas.

pc_nametag tag talk blog home page

12. Techsy Talk Blog

Event technology enthusiasts will love reading these articles on elevating the event production experience! Find everything you need to know on the latest event technologies and trends.

techsy talk blog home page

Best Event Planning Podcasts to Tune Into

If reading isn’t your style, consider tuning into an event planning or event marketing podcast. 🎧 We love podcasts because they’re free, you can listen to them anywhere, and they help you explore new topics through storytelling.

two women record an event planning podcast

One study even found that 74% of podcast listeners use podcasts to relax, learn new things, seek entertainment, stay up to date on trends, and find inspiration. Sound like you? Read on to find a list of the top event planning podcasts we could find:

The Gather Geeks Podcast Logo

1. GatherGeeks Podcast by BizBash

With 200+ episodes to tune into (and counting), you won’t want to miss the GatherGeeks podcast! These podcasts last about 45 minutes and cover must-know trends for event marketers, conference planners, non-profit organizers, and everyone in between. Look for GatherGeeks on iTunes, Pocket Casts, Player FM or Stitcher, then join the conversation by using #gathergeeks on social media!

The Event Manager Podcast Logo

2. Event Manager Podcast by EventMB

Want a go-to weekly podcast to keep your event management knowledge sharp? The Event Manager Podcast features leading innovators in the industry who cover the latest tech trends, event design tips, destination updates, and innovative strategies the industry has to offer. Follow or subscribe through your favorite iOS or Android podcast app to listen to podcasts that take an hour or less to finish.

The #EVENTICONS Podcast Logo

3. #EventIcons Podcast by Endless Events

Want to hear insight from the biggest players in the industry like IMEX, BizBash, HubSpot and others? Once a month, the #EventIcons podcast covers top trends in event planning, technology, production, management and more. These 30-40 minute episodes are perfect for on-the-go event professionals and are available on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, and other popular streaming platforms.

The Event Tech Talk Show Podcast Logo

4. Event Tech Talk Show by Event Tech Live

Calling all event technologists! The Event Tech Talk Show is about to be your new best friend. This cutting-edge podcast covers data analytics, interactive technology, gamification, integrations, lead generation, online networking, hybrid event training, event registration, and more. Episodes only take 30-60 minutes to finish (great for your morning commute or lunch break!)

The Meeting Minds Podcast Logo

5. Meeting Minds Podcast by Meeting Minds

Want a 30-minute podcast that’s just for event professionals? If so, you’re in luck. The Meeting Minds podcast features nearly 200 episodes that cover conference and event logistics, thought leader insights, and more. Join event expert Charles Eide as he discusses the latest innovations in the industry, as well as tips and tricks for making your next event a hit.

The Two Chicks Three Seats Podcast Logo

6. Two Chicks, Three Seats by Tripleseat

Do you work in the hospitality industry? You won’t want to miss the Two Chicks, Three Seats podcast by Tripleseat, an industry leader in event management software. This podcast covers the hospitality industry’s hottest topics. Learn about important news, fun food and beverage trends, event marketing tips, and more. These bite-sized podcasts are easy to listen to and only take 25-45 minutes of your day.

Top Event Experts and Event Planner Influencers to Follow

Event planning thought leaders are cutting-edge thinkers. 🧠💡 Each one contributes their own unique thoughts and perspectives, many of which have the power to inspire change within the industry.

Are you looking for an informed opinion leader to follow within the meetings industry? Find your next event planning influencer to follow from this list:

David Adler

1. David Adler (@davidadler)

David Adler is the Founder and CEO of Bizbash, a top source for event planning ideas, news, and resources in North America. With 31,000+ LinkedIn followers, 52,000+ Twitter followers, and more than forty years of experience in the industry, David is a top source for information in the meetings and events industry.

Julius Solaris

2. Julius Solaris (@tojulius)

Julius Solaris is an event industry expert with a focus on event technology, hybrid events, and virtual events. He is well-known as the VP of Marketing Strategy, Events at Hopin. Julius has been named one of the most influential individuals in the meetings industry by many magazines (including Successful Meetings Magazine).

Christy Lamagna

3. Christy Lamagna (@SMEChristy)

Christy Lamagna is the President of Strategic Meetings & Events and the Senior Vice President at ShedWool. She is also a speaker, entrepreneur, and holder of the CMP, CMM, and CTSM event planning credentials. Christy has experience teaching strategic event planning, which inspired her book “The Strategic Planning Guide for Event Professionals.”

Tahira Endean

4. Tahira Endean (@TahiraCreates)

As the Events Advisor at SITE, Tahira Endean is passionate about designing people-centric, purpose-driven events. She holds an impressive number of event management certifications, including the CMP, CITP, DES and CED. Her tweets mainly focus on experiential events, immersive meeting design, and event technology.

Nick Borelli

5. Nick Borelli (@NickBorelli)

Nick Borelli comes from 20+ years of experience in the events industry. He has spent his career developing marketing and sales strategies for many event industry companies. As a current member of the Allseated team, Nick is passionate about sharing the latest event marketing trends and technologies you can use to create better events.

Will Curran

6. Will Curran (@ItsWillCurran)

Will Curran is the founder and CEO of Endless Entertainment, a leading event production company. He is also the host of two podcasts: Event Tech Cast and Event Brew. Follow Will if you are looking for insight into event technology, event marketing, social media marketing, and the latest industry trends.

Dahlia El Gazzar

7. Dahlia El Gazzar (@DahliaElGazzar)

Dahlia El Gazzar is the founder of Dahlia+ Agency, a technology evangelist, speaker, and educator. She is passionate about all things #proTECHtivity to help event professionals become more efficient. With over 5,000 Twitter followers, Dahlia stays relevant with fun, insightful posts about learning, networking, and doing business.

Sasha Souza

8. Sasha Souza (@SashaSouza)

Sasha Souza is an international event planner, influencer, speaker, designer, mentor and author. Many people know Sasha for her Signature Sasha series of books. With 12,000+ Twitter followers, Sasha posts thought-provoking Tweets, out-of-the-box event ideas, useful resources, and industry updates you won’t want to miss.

Don’t miss these free event planning guides:

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Project Management Ebook in iPad

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Want tips for staying on top of your to-do list, being the best leader you can be, and delivering projects that make your team proud? Learn how to streamline your work in this ebook.

download the diversity and inclusion handbook for event planners from pc/nametag

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In this guide, we cover everything event planners need to know about hosting inclusive events that celebrate diversity. Find key definitions, best practices, downloadable resources, and more.


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Which event resources do you recommend?

There's no limit to the fun you can have with event management professional development! The resources in this round-up will help you stay current on trends, learn event planning acronyms and strategies, and get inspired.

Choose one (or several), then add them to your weekly routine. You might just find that the industry tips, tricks, and best practices you learn will help you to become a stronger, more educated event professional.

Which of these resources do you already use? Which intrigued you the most? Which resources did we miss? Let us know about your favorite professional development resources in the comments below.

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